IT Business Solutions & Services

Integration and Automation of Business Processes

Solutions, business solutions.… These are words we often hear in ads or see on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on Twitter feeds. But what is the solution?

So, if we take the literal meaning: a business solution is a group of software units that make up your company's operating system. It is used as a framework for the integration and automation of many business processes that a company must fulfill as part of its operations such as manufacturing, distribution, accounting, finance and personnel.

If you get CRM or ERP, the app is in the category we call '' out of the box '' or "vanilla." Box Solution is a basic version of your software or application.

While the box version may not meet your needs, you should know that the more flexible you are with your CRM and ERP, the more you will know that customization can be important in improving your performance and efficiency at work.


Importance of Information Systems

Custom data to assist with a specific task or decision making.

A custom format (e.g. list, chart, etc.) that can be used for user needs.

Real-time data, especially useful when immediate action is required (e.g a machine error).

Archived data, especially useful for reporting, analysis and business planning.

Other Advantages of Information Systems