Finance & Accounts Management

Make Better Investment or Credit Decisions

With regular and accurate recording of every single transaction of your Business, you would able to track all of your important financial information from your books of accounts, so that you can make key operating, investing, and financing decisions related to your business.

Ficoncile is an organization that manages the financial statements of all individuals as well as small & large companies. Without proper bookkeeping, companies can never know their current financial situation or position within the industry. Accurate accounting is also essential for external users, including investors, financial institutions or government agencies, individuals or organizations who need reliable information to make better investment or credit decisions. In principle, business individual depends on accurate and reliable accounting from internal and external users.



A financial advisor is a specialist who provides expertise in clients' decisions regarding financial matters, personal finance and investment.

Financial advisers can work as an independent agent or they can be employed by a large financial company.

Registered advisors must pass one or more tests and be licensed to do business with clients.

Unlike capitalist who simply place commands on the peddle, financial mentor offer guidance and make informed verdict on behalf of their consumer.