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What Is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor provides consumer with financial conselling or guidance for remittances. Financial counsellors (sometimes itemize as counsellors) can render a wide array of facility, such as financial management, tax planning. Gradually, financial advisors work as a “one-shop-shop” offering everything from portfolio management to asset insurance.

Although, a supreme clash can be made: that is, the financial mentor should actually give guidance and advice. A financial advisor can be separated from a stock broker who simply sets up a client trade or a tax accountant who is already planning to return tax without providing advice on how to increase tax benefits.

In addition, what could go wrong as a financial advisor in some cases could simply be a product seller, such as a stockbroker or a life insurance agent. A true financial advisor should be educated, qualified, experienced, financially inclusive, as opposed to serving the needs of a financial institution by increasing sales of certain products or making money from commissions from sales.

There were 263,000 professional financial advisors in the U.S. as of 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



A financial advisor is a specialist who provides expertise in clients' decisions regarding financial matters, personal finance and investment.

Financial advisers can work as an independent agent or they can be employed by a large financial company.

Registered advisors must pass one or more tests and be licensed to do business with clients.

Unlike capitalist who simply place commands on the peddle, financial mentor offer guidance and make informed verdict on behalf of their consumer.